Eren Slifker


University of Chicago – B.A. in Game Design and B.A. in Music

Hi! I'm Eren Slifker, a Technical Game Designer, Game Director, and Sound Designer/Composer based in Hyde Park, Chicago. I attend the University of Chicago, studying game design and music composition. I have a deep passion for trying new things and learning new skills and practices, and I love making games that are meaningful, beautiful, and, most of all, fun.


At Winter's End
At Winter's End is a cozy narrative dice-rolling RPG about 12-year-old Noel growing up in the forest of spirits. Explore the forest and complete quests while rolling dice to see how Noel responds to the challenges they face.

Pedestrian Safety Simulator

A Street-Crossing Action Game

'til Morning

A Short Full-Motion Videogame


The Unseeing Eye

An Alternate Reality Game Concept

ACE Casino Murder Experience

An Immersive Murder Mystery Game

At the Edge of Everything
At the Edge of Everything is a two-player meditative roleplaying game which explores how memory shapes identity and relationship through collaborative watercolor painting and storytelling. The game was featured on io9's Gaming Shelf on Gizmodo and at MAADEXPO 2023 at the University of Chicago.


Life, Quantized
Life, Quantized is a collaborative movement-based performance that visualizes the cadence of life through movement inspired by the quantum world. The piece brought together students from the arts and science to create an immersive installation performance that ran two nights in the spring of 2022.

Clusterflux Games Showcase

A Games Showcase Spotlighting UChicago-made Games


An Architectural Mapping and 3D Modeling Initiative